Britannia Row Studios

A recording of us playing our entire first EP live at the world famous Britannia Row Studios, London!

Massive shout out to the Britannia Row staff and their trainees for all their help with the setup and sound on the day. It was a real privilege t […]

Recording EP Vlogs

While we were in France recording our TwoSixOnes EP we ended up recording some video blogs (vlogs) to pass the time.

Watch as this twisted tale of music, dastardly tricks and kidnapping unfurls before your very eyes!

Jimmy explains what we’ve […]

Wanted Man

Music video for Wanted Man.

TwoSixOnes are having a hell of a time when they are suddenly interrupted by two police officers hell bent on breaking up the party. Do you think that’ll stop us?

Filmed and produced by Jimmy Pallagrosi at┬áStorm Rehe […]

Making Me Whole

Music video for Making Me Whole.

It’s not all fun and games for Andre when he cannot catch up with his ‘mystery girl’. He’ll look high and low and in London and in France before giving up – he’s tenacious to say the least…

Filmed and produced […]

Le Festoche 2014

Excerpts from Holding On, Take Away, Wings and Eighties live at Le Festoche 2014 festival, Saint Romain la Motte, France.

Filmed on Saturday 17 May 2014. […]

Holding on

Official music video for TwoSixOnes’ “Holding on” brought to you from one of the world’s most famous landmarks. Produced and directed by Jimmy Pallagrosi & Andre Bell.

With special thanks to:

Actors: Joana M. Estrela, Adele M. Cheynard, Ra […]

To Be Alive

A compilation video of our recording session at Limehouse Studio, London.

Filmed and produced by Jimmy Pallagrosi.

Get “To Be Alive” from TwoSixOnes’ iTunes ( or on Amazon ( […]


Music video for Bruno by TwoSixOnes