Project Description

While we were in France recording our TwoSixOnes EP we ended up recording some video blogs (vlogs) to pass the time.

Watch as this twisted tale of music, dastardly tricks and kidnapping unfurls before your very eyes!

  1. Jimmy explains what we’ve been up to during our first day in France.
  2. It’s time for Andre’s update but little does he know that dastardly plans are afoot.
  3. Rory tells it like it is whilst Rich gets some serious stroking in. Fortunately for the EP, Andre is OK!
  4. Richard shares the latest news in his awesome cat t-shirt. The only problem is that Jimmy isn’t pulling his weight…apparently!
  5. An ‘MTV Cribs’ style tour of Jimmy’s house but what’s in the bathroom?
  6. A morning swim turns into a rescue mission—someone will be left out to dry.
  7. There’s three things that make TwoSixOnes special and Rory is about to lay them out for each and everyone of you.
  8. A fond farewell and a big thank you to everyone who made France 2013 amazing.
  9. Getting ready for a gig on a boat! France is an awesome place to play music! Roll on Lyon.
  10. Outtakes – and now for something completely different! What a talented bunch we are.